New Products

As a U.S. manufacturer of custom pressure vessels and process tanks, Niles Steel Tank builds under the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Division 1, with HLW, R, and U stamps in both carbon steel and stainless steel materials.

XFIIRETM is built with stainless steel water-tube construction, versatile design and adaptive controls on an intuitive VERSA IC® touchscreen display. The XFIIRE is engineered for performance, efficiency and with RaymoteTM access to keep you connected and informed.

In a push to attain the highest efficiency standards, choosing a Taco Oe package is a big step ahead. Whether you’re motivated by regulatory requirements, saving the environment, or simple cost reductions, Taco’s Oe package provides the widest range of high-efficiency ECM powered pumps in the industry, from 3 HP to 30 HP.

The XVers vertical fire-tube modulating condensing stainless steel boiler, in sizes 855 to 3000 MBTU. The XVers boiler is now available with the HO2T system. It features built-in, automatic system protection that extends the life of your XVers by maintaining the optimum fuel to air ratio. The XVers provides extreme versatility for boiler applications.

We are excited to introduce the next phase in our Pressure Independent Product Line, the PIM™-A. The PIM-A joins the PIM product family as an adjustable pressure regulator that can maintain a constant pressure differential across ANYTHING! With a wide PSID range of 4-25 PSID it can be used to maintain a constant pressure differential across an existing control valve, a coil, a branch or any other piece of equipment.

The ECM 1915e is a self-sensing, close coupled, mechanically sealed in-line pump that exceeds industry and efficiency standards with an advanced hydraulic design. It features a high-efficiency volute, ECM motor and integrated frequency drive. Simple yet versatile control options include constant pressure, constant speed, proportional pressure, 0-10Vdc and parallel pump alternation.

The Shipco® Type SLC is an economical method of automating functions on a Shipco® condensate, boiler feed, deaerator or vacuum unit. The SLC is a programmable NEMA 4X controller featuring a full color touchscreen display. Support for building automation protocols Modbus and BACnet are available. An SLC is factory programmed for the operating conditions of each unit.

The all-new XTherm – vertical modulating condensing boiler, in sizes from 2505 to 4000 MBTU. XTherm combines time-honored high-recovery copper fin technology with cutting-edge control and combustion advancements. The owner can enjoy broad installation flexibility, easy commissioning, and long-term reliability.

Let the 1900 VFD operate your buildings with greater efficiency; using them to control your pumps can significantly reduce energy costs. The VFD can reduce the motor speed when full flow is not required, thereby reducing the power required and the electrical energy used.

The Pinnacle valve is a modern pressure independent control valve (PICV) meeting today’s HVAC requirements of reducing the building operational costs without increasing the initial installation costs. The Pinnacle valve precisely controls the flow at all load requirements. The small compact valve is the most competitive pressure independent valve on the market so initial install cost is comparable to a traditional control valve and a manual balance valve

The QuickDisc® is a manual balance valve that include brass venturi inserts for flow measurement and graduated memory stops for flow setting. Valves are available with multiple end connection options including a union end connections. The QuickDisc® valve uses a ceramic disc to control the flow.